Reiki Master


Sound Healer

Ordained Minister

Apprenticed under a Native woman to learn Native American ceremony and ritual

Mental Health Advocate

Life Coach

And a student of life, always learning new modalities and tools to help myself and others.

What I’m learning now:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program (not as a professional but to understand the human brain and behaviors)

Mental Health Awareness Program



Story time: There I was, going through life like everyone else, when suddenly I got smacked in the face with a huge realization in a dream. In this particular dream, I was lying on my death bed surrounded by my boys, their spouses, and my grandchildren, but they soon vanished and I was left alone with my own thoughts. I laid on the bed aware that death was coming. I was calm and accepting and I was preparedto go. A voice loud and clear came through and asked me 3 questions:

“Did you do everything you wanted to?” I answered, yes.

“Did you use your gifts to help others and bring them joy?” Again, yes.

“Will the stories people tell about you be aligned with who you truly are?” And I woke up.

The answer was no. I felt the “No” as clear as I could feel my own skin. See, there were layers and layers and walls and more walls around my heart, keeping me from being seen and heard. What it propelled me to do was shed. I shed it all, and I’m still in the process of shedding those walls and layers. I also wanted to know who I truly was. This led me to seek a new approach, and thus, energy work arrived at my feet.

So this is me, I am a custodian of the heart. I am a sensitive, an intuitive, and I’m still learning and processing what this all means for me. I don’t perform miracles, or cure any diseases. Instead I see the hurt, the joy, and the “thing” keeping you from living your best life. I see your heart, and I gotta tell you, it’s pure and beautiful.

As a custodian of the heart this is what I’ve come to understand, feelings that are avoided or buried alive do not die, they pollute the soul and keep you in a state of toxicity. I am here to help you clean it up so that you can live a life of peace, calm, and full of joy. I am positive this is what I was meant to do with my life, so it would be my honor to assist you. Xo